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About Us

Fullon Hotel Fulong, situated on the north east side of Taiwan, is well known as the “seaside villa resort” with the most authentic South Pacific atmosphere in northern Taiwan. With an architectural style that resonates the leisure lifestyle on Southeast Asian islands, you will be able to enjoy your own private garden, resting pavilion, spa pool, swing chair, daybed, bathroom, and fireplace at this hotel. Coastal plants and tropical garden with lush green foliage coexist here with the well-spaced beige buildings and wooden facilities. The spatial décor and boutique furniture make art installations an additional part of your vacation. Gazing not too far out of the window, the turquoise blue ocean is right there on the horizon.

Fullon Hotel Fulong and its vacation castle are to be launched in summer 2015. The azure sky, the golden blazing sun, and a beach that stretches beyond where the eyes can see – are all in front of a picturesque backdrop surrounded by mountains and a sailboat dotted ocean. This getaway resort is a blue-and-white elegant castle that sits by a golden beach. The beach’s soft quartz sand makes it the most precious golden beach on the island, where it stretches from Yanliao to as far as Fulong. Shuang River, an important source of water for northeastern Taiwan, has an abundant flow that nurtures a wonderful ocean.

The brand new hotel has 174 exquisite rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, hot springs, Chinese and western restaurants, outdoor BBQ banquet, as well as a sauna, gym, spa, children’s playground and so much more. Every little detail is well thought out. The romantic floating church here is a dream come true for couples, where the newlyweds create an one-and-only kind memory even if the bride’s wedding gown becomes wet. Children have their very own kid’s kitchen and playground. Guests enjoy hot springs and spa facilities also experience dialogues between themselves and the nature. This place caters to different vacation demands; a get-together among friends, a date for couples, beach wedding, honeymoon, family vacation, or a day of outdoor fun for the elderly, are all set to be great colorful memories one after another.

During the hot summer days, there are water activities such as chasing waves, windsurfing, canoeing, or splashing about in the water. Every year, the sand sculpture festival attracts over half a million visitors from all around the world. When winter brings about different colors in nature, come soak in the rare salted hot springs that contain chloride with sanitizing properties. It is the only place in Taiwan with such spring water, which helps moisturize the skin like a silky skin barrier. Amidst autumn and its cool breeze, just hop on the bicycle and set off towards Caoling Historic Trail, where it is flanked by rows of silver grass, and as the west wind gently blows, it brings a romantic feel. Then, there comes hot spring when the grass starts to grow and birds are out of their nests. Your heart grows wider overlooking the vast ocean, the Cape San Diego Lighthouse and the amazing Guishan Island. This place is splendid all year round. This year, let’s meet in Fulong, whichever season it is!