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This hotel provides aromatherapy massage and foot baths.


▲Lih spa
Here at this spa, we take it slow and follow a balancing life philosophy. We take good care of your body through aromatherapy, and warm your heart up with hot springs. Lih spa provides service from the bottom of the heart. We incorporate the best aromatherapy techniques from different countries by combining Chinese’s Five Element meridian release technique, India’s Chakras balancing massage, and Europe’s beauty and spa methods. As a result, we developed a 30-minute treatment designed for business travelers that guarantees an instant stress release. We also offer an one-and-only ocean hot spring treatment. The precious spring water is rich in carbonic acid, saline salt, and minerals. The water is golden and odorless, and works like a natural toner that moisturizes the skin with its silky smooth feel.
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