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The sauna at our hotel boasts a public pool, cold and hot pool, steam room, Jacuzzi, standing/seated shower, designed to activate every cell in your body, promote blood circulation, boost immune system, and relax your body and soul. This is the best place to rest your mind during your travel. We reserve the right to modify the opening times. No guests are allowed to enter after pm21:30. 

For guests not staying at our hotel, NT$800/per person will be charged for use of the sauna on weekdays and holidays. Each person is only allowed to use the facility for 2 hours each time. Please refer to the announcement at the sauna for any updates to the pricing. We will not notify you of any change.

  • 1. Children (below 110cm) is prohibited.
  • 2. Children (above 110cm) need to be looked after by parents while using facilities.
  • 3. The bathroom is very wet,please be sure to pay attention to safety to prevent slipping.
  • 4. Drinkers,pregnant women,hypertention,diabetes,heart disease,eye disease,skin disease,please do not go inside.
  • 5. Before entering the pool,please clean your body and please don't wear swimmingsuit or underwear into sauna.
  • 6. You may not bring beverge or food in the sauna. Please keep the valuables on your own.
  • 7. Do not smear essential oils,lotions and other skin care products to maintain water quality.
  • 8. To maintain privacy,please do not use camera and cell phone inside.
  • 9. Please help to maintain quality and thanks for your cooperation and wish you have a lovly time in sauna.
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